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eleanor of our valley

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Lynn This picture was the beginning of our wonderful love story. When I went for the first time to see the puppies, it was Lynn sitting in the door and looking at us.

Among her brother and sisters she was the outstanding girl, coming, looking, playing. Each time we went to Brussels, it was her coming to great us first.

When she came home, Kira was her second mummy, always with her for sleeping, and when she needed to be secured.

Erinn was the playmate and so did the Airedales.


Lynn became a beautiful bitch. As she hated shows we just did the very necessary, but she managed to become Luxembourg and Belgian champion. She still needs one award for the international champion, but we decided to respect her wish not to be shown anymore.

Lynn has a very sound strong character and slowly she settled among our hounds, grown up she became their leader.

Lynn gave us three litters.

The first one, out of Cedric of Kirld Ground Castle: 9 puppies.
Four boys: G’Aiko, Gidran, Gillighan, Gordon.
Five girls: Gabriela, Gael, Gaetane, Gaffa and Glynis Pearl.

The parents of the 'G' litter : Cedric & Eleanor
The parents of the 'G' litter : Cedric & Eleanor


The second one, out of William of Nutstown: 6 puppies.
Three boys: Heaven, Heartbreaker and Howard Hughes.
Three girls: Hazel, Haily and Heavens Joy.

The parents of the 'H' litter : William & Eleanor
The parents of the 'H' litter : William & Eleanor


The third one, again out of Cedric of Kirld Ground Castle.
Four girls: Ibanshee, Iona, Irish Dream and Irlande.

The parents of the 'I' litter : Cedric & Eleanor
The parents of the 'H' litter : Cedric & Eleanor


Now with her six years my Lady retired from breeding, but remains the leader of the Kirld Ground Pack and is always happy to see her children and friends.

She has a new job now, she is the model for Lisa who will be physiotherapist for animals and she seems to like it a lot.




Eleanor of Our Valley



Eleanor of Our Valley




Eleanor of Our Valley

16.09.2005 - 16.04.2016

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Aoibhell von den Sarrazenen
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Maol-Cu Jessreed Wolf Tone John Foggerty
Ard Ri Ella

Ch. Belgium - Luxembourg
Ch. Luxembourg Veteran



Cedric of Kirld Ground Castle x Eleanor of Our Valley
4 M - 5 F

G'Aiko of Kirld Ground Castle
Gidran of Kirld Ground Castle
Gillighan of Kirld Ground Castle
Gordon of Kirld Ground Castle
Gabriela of Kirld Ground Castle
Gael of Kirld Ground Castle
Gaetane of Kirld Ground Castle
Gafa of Kirld Ground Castle
Glynis Pearl of Kirld Ground Castle



William of Nutstown x Eleanor of Our Valley
3 M - 3 F

Heartbreaker of Kirld Ground Castle
Heaven of Kirld Ground Castle
Howard Hughes of Kirld Ground Castle
Haily of Kirld Ground Castle
Hazel of Kirld Ground Castle
Heavens Joy of Kirld Ground Castle



Cedric of Kirld Ground Castle x Eleanor of Our Valley
4 F

Ibanshee of Kirld Ground Castle
Iona of Kirld Ground Castle
Irish Dream of Kirld Ground Castle
Irlande of Kirld Ground Castle

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