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Now we want to introduce « Ozzy ».

Ozzy He was born 18.04.2015, the smallest puppy of the litter.

Right from the beginning there was something special about him. He never did what the others did, always had his own opinion.
But he always had a kind of affection for me, as if he wanted to show me that he was MY dog.

When people came to see the pups, Ozzy was always hiding somewhere as if he did not want to go to another home.

When he grew older I saw that he had a very special character... strong but very sensible too... a « good » dog. While walking, he never left us, rarely went to run with the others. Seeing the bond between Ozzy and me, Philippe, his breeder, offered me to keep Ozzy for me.


I could not take him in my little house, so I was hesitating until our friends Christian Chardonnet and Alain Verrier, wo had his sister Oughtiv, offered me to take him home with Oughtiv until I had found a better house. I'll never thank then enough for the good home they gave him for a few month.


In spring we decided to close the garden and take Ozzy home. To keep him company Christian and Alain also gave me little Ticky, who is now « the boss ».


Ozzy started his show career at the N.E. in France where he was best junior male

After that he won the Championnat de France in Metz, was Ex1 in junior class in Douai and with that already had 2 qualifications for Crufts.

Still in junior class, at only 15 months Ozzy was BOB at the Golden Dog Trophy in Liège and some weeks ago BOB at the dog show in Polleur.

At 16 months he entered the FCI Euro Sighthound show and the European Dog Show in Brussels.
On both days he was placed Ex1 in junior class and so is now FCI Euro Junior Sighthound Winner 2016 and European Junior Winner 2016.
He will enter one last show in Junior class at the international show in Luxembourg and after that start his career in the adults' world.

Good luck little Ozzy!


Oslo from Graham's Ark



Oslo from Graham's Ark




Oslo from Graham's Ark


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